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Tweetify It.

Ever grappled with the challenge of distilling extensive articles into social media content that engaging without losing the essence?

Tweetify It quickly transforms lengthy narratives into captivating social media posts, offering a seamless bridge from comprehensive articles to the succinct format of social media storytelling.

Embracing the ethos of creativity and simplicity, Tweetify It makes the process easy and quick, allowing you to prepare a campaign of posts for all social media in one click.

Do you find the task of personalising content for various platforms overwhelming, where each demands a unique tone, format, and approach?

The intricacies of tailoring messages to fit the diverse landscapes of X, Instagram, or LinkedIn can be as daunting as navigating a maze.

With Tweetify It you get an array of customisation options, from tone adjustments and hashtag integration to language selection, ensuring your message resonates across all platforms.

Do you ever feel the need for a more streamlined, efficient approach that respects your time and creativity?

Tweetify It is designed with the creator in mind, providing a straightforward, user-friendly interface that turns the daunting task of content conversion into a simple, enjoyable process. From automated optimisation for social platforms to easy editing and sharing, Tweetify It makes it easy and quick to create clear and compelling posts for your long-form content.

Launched in February 2023, it hit the 3k users mark in 9 months and has an extensive roadmap for API integrations, mobile apps, browser extensions, and advanced functionalities aimed at professional creators.

Copy Forge.

Have you ever found yourself lost in the complexity of prompt engineering, spending more time learning how to communicate with AI than actually creating?

Fighting the dreaded 'blank page' syndrome that can stifle creativity, turning what should be a seamless flow of ideas into a daunting task?

Losing the challenge of maintaining context and coherence for lengthy content through a chatbot and feeling like fitting square pegs into round holes?

Copy Forge is the solution offering a more intuitive, creative-friendly approach to AI-assisted writing.

Unlike the open-ended, overwhelming, frustrating interactions with a chatbot or competitors, Copy Forge is designed to guide you step by step without AI interaction, transforming the writing process into a focused and structured journey.

Key features include guided writing to streamline the article and blog post creation process with structured content creation from outlines to final drafts —full customisation with diverse tones, templates, multiple languages, brainstorming, and image generation.

Copy Forge guides through generating outlines, keywords, and topics. The platform enables direct content creation from existing sources, an integrated AI detection system ensures content authenticity, while a simplified interface supports efficient workflow.

Designed by creatives for creatives, for individuals and teams, from subscription packages to an entirely white label solution.

It was first prototyped in April 2023 and soft-launched in January 2024, with a few agencies testing it before the official start of the marketing campaign.

More coming soon...